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The world's most comfortable, best looking Men's underwear.

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amplify your muscular

Striking mesh contours highlight your natural muscle lines for a look that’s both masculine and sexy.  As an added bonus, these strategically placed luxury men's underwear cut-outs are incredibly breathable to keep you sweat and odor-free.


Viktor, LTD. exists to provide men with the highest quality men's undergarments worn under trousers (or without them).  If you're in the market for impressive luxury men's underwear, you likely found one of two things: underwhelming daily wear or novelty garments. That is the predicament that inspired us to make something better.  Viktorwear was designed to feel natural and look timeless. So go ahead and try them out. You may never want to take them off, but we bet she will.



Nylon Jaqcard Waistband

Our all-nylon woven waistband delivers the most comfortable boxers that you never thought possible.  A smooth finish and snug fit make this band softer than a cloud and lighter than air.


Our product line

"Finally someone created serious and sexy intimate wear for men! Now we can be equal when it comes to dressing up in the bedroom."


“The way a man dresses in the bedroom shows what he is capable of as a man- both intimately and professionally"


"Why would I bother wearing something sexy for him when he doesn’t have anything truly sexy for me to see?"


“She was so turned on when she saw me in Viktorwear. It makes me feel confident and excited to take my clothes off!”


“I was thrilled when I opened a box of Viktorwear during my bachelorette party! Seeing my fiancé in his new underwear was definitely a gift for me!"


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