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Men’s Performance Underwear

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Whether you are shopping for comfortable performance underwear to suit your lifestyle, fancy men’s underwear your significant other will appreciate, or a thoughtful gift both you and him will love — we’ve got you covered. At Viktor, we noticed the woeful lack of intimate, quality men’s performance underwear. When you searched men’s intimate wear online previously, you’d find either outrageous novelty underwear or depressingly underwhelming options. That’s what inspired our team at Viktor to create inspired, sensual, high-quality men’s underwear. Learn more about our performance men’s underwear options below.



The Karim series of men’s performance underwear is supremely comfortable, flexible, and flattering. It features an ultrasoft waistband that moves with you as you move, rather than fighting you and impeding your flexibility. This line of luxury men’s underwear is distinguished by its small triangle mesh cutouts that create an element of mystery and intrigue. The soft material contours to your body to compliment your body type to exude a sophisticated yet sensual style that both the wearer and admirer will love.


What makes the Sigurd men’s performance underwear stand out is it’s characteristic side-profile mesh cutouts. These cutouts are tasteful but still display enough thigh to peak the interest of your significant other. The Sigurd luxury men’s underwear features double-clad material for the crotch that provides extra support and comfort. It also has multi-purpose mesh and that moves with you to improve flexibility and provides flattering lines for a sexy look. Give them as a gift to your significant other that you can both enjoy, or buy them for yourself to enjoy comfortable, flattering men’s performance underwear.



The Jarl men’s performance underwear offers unparalleled comfort, performance, and style. The Jarl series is distinguished by it’s tasteful and attractive mesh cutouts across the front upper thigh. Men’s intimate wear doesn’t have to be outrageous and silly. With Viktor’s performance men’s underwear, you get a tasteful and sexy style and flexible performance in one great package. Stop settling for sub-par, lackluster men’s underwear. Upgrade to a performance men’s underwear that both you and anyone who sees you in it will love.

"Finally someone created serious and sexy intimate wear for men! Now we can be equal when it comes to dressing up in the bedroom."


“The way a man dresses in the bedroom shows what he is capable of as a man- both intimately and professionally"


"Why would I bother wearing something sexy for him when he doesn’t have anything truly sexy for me to see?"


“She was so turned on when she saw me in Viktorwear. It makes me feel confident and excited to take my clothes off!”


“I was thrilled when I opened a box of Viktorwear during my bachelorette party! Seeing my fiancé in his new underwear was definitely a gift for me!"


Men’s Intimate Wear at Viktor

At Viktor, we felt like men deserved a better, more comfortable pair of underwear that moves as you do. We also felt that ladies deserved the option to dress their fellas in intimate wear as well! With the Karim, Sigurd, and Jarl series, that’s exactly what we’ve done. When you are ready to experience premium men’s performance underwear or to see them on your man, shop Viktor.

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